I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with The Dow Company at Fenway park during the 2016/2017 off season. Dow was extremely professional and showed the attention needed during a very quick and difficult buyout in which they were brought on late but showed no concern in getting Gilbane the pricing needed. In addition, they gave valuable advice not given by others for planning and extending the limited site, and assisting in further developing the site logistics to assist with all trades involved. Awarding the project to The Dow Company turned out to be a rewarding decision, as the quality, attention to detail, and assist in pushing a very complicated site to completion was above all expectations. The Dow Company also had no problems reacting to Gilbane’s, and the Red Sox request to pull their scopes portion of work in by 1 week with only a few days’ notice, completing as expected with no loss of quality. This required some quick planning, in which The Dow Company laid out exactly how they would complete and executed perfectly. My time working with The Dow Company over the past year has been extremely rewarding, and will be part of all future project bid sheets and early pre-con work. We appreciated all of The Dow Company’s work on this project, and look forward to continuing work with them in the future.

Peter Oggeri, Project Manager for Gilbane Building Company at Fenway Park

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